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The flagship of your digital marketing efforts. Your website is your best and most important tool to succeed online, and to get your brand and product out there for the world to see!

In need of a new website? We’ll help you get there, with all services in-house. During the whole project, you’ll have full transparency into the development of your website. You’ll get to see your website come to life, bit by bit, and your feedback implemented as we go.

Creating a website: The timeline

  1. Initial Meeting: We’ll go over your ideas. How do you want the website to look and feel? What functions does it need to have? What’s your budget? When does it need to be finished?

  2. Research & Brainstorming: We’ll take it from here. We’ll do research and brainstorm ideas based on our first meeting, and compose it all into the first draft/proposal for your website.

  3. First draft: You’ll see our first draft for your new website. We’ll aim to show you how the design and functionalities of the site will look like. From here on out you’ll be able to give us your feedback on the website, and make alterations.

  4. Design: We start designing the website based on your initial and continuous feedback. The different webpages are drafted and designed, so that you can see what your website will look like when it’s completed.

  5. Development: Having a pretty website doesn’t do anyone any good if it doesn’t work properly. Here we start making sure that all the functionalities for your website works properly and are implemented. We’ll also insert any special request codes in this phase, we’ll also make sure that your website is as safe as it can be.

  6. Testing: Now we need to make sure that the website works properly. We’ll be testing all links, pictures, load times, SEO and universal design and more.

  7. Publishing: Congratulations! Your new website is now ready to be published! Having a new and fresh website is definitely celebrations worthy, may we recommend that you share the awesome news with your co-workers and customers?

  8. Maintenance: Now that your website is published, we’ll help make sure that it continues to work well into the future. We will take care of updates and security so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Big or small, it matters not. We’ve got experience with both creating and maintaining websites of all sizes. 

Budget size doesn’t matter much. We’ll help navigate you through the process of what can be achieved, and make sure that you’ll end up with a website you’ll be proud of.