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Social Media

The world of social media is a big one, and for some it can be hard to navigate. With over 10 years experience at the wheel of social media flagships, we can help steer your brand and product in the right direction.


Get content tailor made for your needs. We can take care of #’s, clever headings, social media posts, articles and YouTube video descriptions. Crafting an ad? We can help with that too!

We make sure that all content follow your brand guides and marketing/sales strategies for optimal performance.


The best campaigns requires the best plans. We’ll help you set up a social media strategy that works for you and your company. If you already have a target segment, that’s great! If not, we’ll help you define one. 

It’s also important to analyze what your competitors are doing, and to make sure that you stand out.

Your goals could be many and varied, but that’s alright, if you just have one of these listed as your goal or all of them, we know how to help you achieve them at a reasonable cost:

Generating leads

Increase brand awareness

Grow your audience

Drive traffic to your website

Boost engagement



We take care of the graphics you need for your social media platforms. Everything from social media images and advertising to YouTube thumbnails.

We’ll make sure that all graphics works for your social media needs follow your brand guide specification to the letter.


Need to reach the world? Social Media advertising is one of your best tools to do so. In Krag DM we have a lot of experience setting up advertising campaigns both as an agency and from our previous occupations. We’ll help you plan, set up and execute advertising campaigns, to make sure that you reach all your marketing goals at a reasonable rate.