Meet the brands we've worked with

NorDan AS

NorDan AS is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-performance windows, doors and smart accessories. Founded in Norway in 1926, their heritage of craftmanship is nearly a century old.

Inaventa Solar AS

Inaventa Solar AS was established in 2019. They produce and deliver solar collectors and solar heating solutions. With great emphasis on R&D, their goal is to become a spearhead in the field of green energy production.

Teproelec S.L

Founded in October 1996, Teproelec S.L has evolved into a company with a strong character and a professional presence in Spain. Teproelec is a company that installs and mounts electrical assembly lines, power transport lines, substations and offers various engineering services. They are today working with some of the biggest brands in Spain and worldwide.

Venta Windows

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NorDan UAB

NorDan UAB have designed, developed and produced high quality modern uPVC window and door solutions since 1994, production in aluminium has started in the beginning of 2018. In addition to supplying market leading aluminium systems, NorDan UAB is also home to the VENTA WINDOWS brand of uPVC products sold in Norway and the Baltic countries.